The Facts
Computers in the industrial/manufacturing environment are exposed to various airborne contaminates that collect on the computer's internal components, causing component failure and repair/maintenance costs.

Depending on the environment, internal computer components may reach temperatures in excess of 120 degrees Fahrenheit during normal operation. Most computers include a power supply fan for cooling, and some include internal cooling fans for heat sensitive components.

The Problem
Most computer power supply fans draw air from inside the computer, which exits through an exhaust vent located on the computer chassis. This process creates a vacuum inside the computer, which draws airborne contaminants in. Internal cooling fans then deposit contaminates directly on the components, reducing the cooling effect of the fan, causing component failure.

ur enclosures utilize a synthetic fiber based filter media designed to prevent your computer from exposure to harmful ingress of natural dust, dirt, or other solid airborne contaminants. Our filter media is manufactured from high performance, non-woven fleece construction; structured to provide graduated density towards the clean air, smooth side of the filter mat.

Media is designed to prolong filter life by capturing 90% of particulate (3 microns and larger) while minimizing the drop of air pressure within the enclosure.

Media is 1/2' thick, encased in a white gloss finished poster board frame 1/2' thick x 5 1/2' wide x 12" long.

Price: $57.50 per case. 12 filter per case.