DPCE Will .................
  Filter the air supply to your computer system. Whether
  in the home, office or the harshest of environments, our   enclosures filter-out the airborne problem.

  DPCE Filtration ........
  Draws contaminated air through a filter unit and creates   air pressure inside the enclosure. The clean air is then   drawn into the computer by the computer's power supply   fan. The clean air then transfers through the computer   and exits through the enclosure exhaust vents.

  DPCE Helps:     -Reduce maintenance costs
                         -Costs for regular cleaning
                         -Costs for system repair
                         -Costs incurred for downtime

  DPCE Provides .........
  Professional high quality enclosures to meet your
  requirements; reduced shipping costs; minimized SAFETY
  hazards; and accommodates workspace requirements.